Grand Hosts primarily uses cPanel, a online web hosting control panel to simplify hosting what you want online.
Whether you are a community club, a small business or an individual wanting to get yourself out there, Grand Hosts is best for your first steps.

So, what solutions do we provide?

  • Migration from your current cPanel to us.
  • Web Hosting — simple as it sounds, we can host your website and there's some added freebies too!
  • DNS Porting — if you currently use Google Suite or Office 365 for your emails, Grand Hosts can host your website whilst having your emails still being accessed through remote email providers.
  • Email Hosting — all users will have access to create a number of email accounts.
  • WordPress Compatible — Grand Hosts enables all users to configure their website to use WordPress for free.
  • Cloudflare — speed up and optimize your website with Cloudflarre; providing you with more global locations, optimization, security and insights.
  • FTP — need to transfer large files to your hosting? Grand Hosts offers File Transfer Protocol tools to all web hosting users at no extra charge.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer — don't be scared that you'll be going over the limit transfering data, because it's unlimited!
  • Spam Filters — we all hate spam and that's why we're giving all users the accessibility to use the spam filters tool for free.
  • Visitor Analytics — where are they visiting from may you ask? Well, Grand Hosts users are able to check some pretty nifty statistics using provided visitor analytics tools.
  • Softaculous Apps Installer — need some apps or programs in your website? Softaculous can install them at ease; whether it being project management, roadmaps, online support/chat and ticketing systems.
  • Optional extra security such as two-factor authentication when logging into the cPanel.
  • Support — small or large, Grand Hosts will be able to answer your question.

What more could you ask for? Grand Hosts offers a lot of solutions part of your hosting to ensure you can do what you need to do at a scale.

If you want to hear about the packages and solutions we offer, please feel free to contact us —